Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I sign up for classes?
A Click here to go our enroll page or call our “admission counselor”  at 909-890-044
Q Can you tell me more about your training?
A AIRE provides training for Renewable Energy professionals, currently providing training for PV installers, Designers, and Solar Sales & Estimator courses to those interested in joining the fastest growing solar industry. Train at “state of the art” facility now and get certified
Q Do I need experience prior to registering for AIRE classes?
A No experience is necessary for PV-101 and PV105 workshops.
Q What do you charge for courses?
A The price for each course is shown on our website.
Q When do I have to pay for the class?
A We require payment at the time of registration; however you can book a course by sending 50% to hold a sit for you. We need to receive payment in full ASAP. We can’t guarantee a sit unless paid in full.
Q If I am unable to attend the class that I registered for, can I get my money back if I cancel?
A See our Terms and Condition
Q Is AIRE on the ETPL (eligible training provider's list) for state of CA?
A Not yet, we are working on it
Q What is the length of the courses?
A The PV-101 is one day 10:00AM to 4:00PM
The PV-105 courses are held over 5 days 9AM to 5PM
Q Do I need to bring anything to class?
A We will be providing you with a course manual. You will need to bring a pen and paper if you want to take supplemental notes.
Q What should I wear to class?
A For PV-101 Is all inside class, you can wear any class room attire like business casual. Shorts OK
For PV-105 You will spend time indoor class room for lecture and outdoors in the hands-on portion of the class. Please come appropriately dressed for sun exposure and outside roof work.
Q Do you give certificates of completion?
A Yes for PV-101, we will provide a certification after end of the class
Yes for PV-105, AIRE's courses have an examination that must be taken and passed, and afterwards a certificate of completion will be given at the class or mail to the student.
Q If I take exam to home and “completed my take home exam”, where do I mail it?
A 416 North H Street, Suite 1, San Bernardino, CA 92410
Q Am I guaranteed a job after completing AIRE courses?
A NO, AIRE provides employers with candidates who match the experience and other requirements that they are looking for, so we cannot give you an assurance that you will find employment through AIRE.
Q What is the contact number for AIRE in case I need to speak with someone?
A 909-890-0444
Q What types of jobs can people get after taking AIRE’s classes?
A People with no experience in the solar industry would generally be hired in entry level jobs under an Installation, Design, or Solar Company.
People who have previous construction experience or a trade may find that are considered for jobs that require more experience.
People with State Contractors License,  should be able to start immediately in the industry, but check your state for addition requirement
Q How much can a solar installer expect to earn?
A Solar installers get paid according to their experience level and vary across the United States. Average ranges in California are: an entry level installer can earn $11-17/hr, an experienced installer can make $18-23/hr, and foremen can make $25-35/hr. These are ballpark ranges and the exact amount may differ.
A contractor can be a installer and bid for residential and commercial project, but you may need addition license, consult your state licensing board
Q Where can I park my car when I arrive for the class?
A PV-101 classes are at different hotels, park in the hotel parking lot
PV-105 is in our office, we have plenty of parking
Q I am traveling from out of town; can I get a discount for local accommodations?
A PV-101- We do not have any negotiated rate with the workshop location, please check with the hotel or go to for discounted rate
PC-105  we have negotiated a discounted rate at the following hotels which are located nearby our training facility; please contact us for detail
Q Where can I go online to learn more about San Bernardino, where the AIRE facility is located?
A The following sites provide wealth of information about San Bernardino County and City of San Bernardino.